Elliot Bibaje

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Law (SJD)



First Advisor

Professor Remigius Chibueze

Second Advisor

Professor Chris Okeke

Third Advisor

Professor Zakia Afrin


War is not new; Armed Conflicts are not new. The use of Children in Armed Conflicts is not new. From Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DCR) and the world over, children are being used in Armed Conflicts. These have led to crime, criminality, diseases, rape destruction of basic infrastructure, the eco system and future of the dead, living and unborn generation.

Despite International legal instruments put in place to curb the use of children in Armed conflicts, in the area International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Labor Law and International criminal Law, the use of children in Armed conflicts persists.

There is the need for the international community to rise above primordial, parochial and regional sentiments and galvanize the political will to confront and defeat this monster. It would be foolhardy to expect to live in peace when Children have no peace.

Crime has no border. The time to act is now. In the words of Julius Caesar, “we must not fold our arms akimbo while Rome burns.”