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Doctor of Law (SJD)


The issue of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) has been overshadowed by global attention on those who flee across an international border, recognized as refugees. In most cases, the only difference between IDPs and refugees is crossing an international border. This research examines the plight of (IDPs) from the perspective of international law and the additional vulnerabilities the Covid 19 pandemic brought them. The rapid growth of IDPs due to wars and disasters is concerning. Furthermore, the challenges for these already vulnerable IDPs are exacerbated by the Covid-19 global pandemic. The authority to regulate IDPs and their rights is left to the sovereign nations they reside in. However, sovereignty is also grounds for not intervening internationally. This research will critically review international and regional conventions, commentaries, and other legal materials to expose the black hole of legal protections for IDPs. Whether existing legal frameworks and international institutions effectively protect their rights. This research will thoroughly analyze primary sources to demonstrate: (1) the vulnerability of IDPs; (2) the international legal framework available for their protection; (3) international institutions that offer humanitarian relief to guarantee the respect of the rights of the affected population; and (4) the added challenges of IDPs during the Covid-19 outbreak. (5) recommendations for the respect of human rights of IDPs. The research findings reveal the inconsistencies between the international rights granted to IDPs and their implementation.