A Comparative Analysis of International Laws the Protect the Elderly From Abuse

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Law (SJD)



First Advisor

Professor Dr. Christian N. Okeke

Second Advisor

Hon. Marshall Whitley

Third Advisor

Michael Daw


This dissertation proposes to encourage the creation of a United Nations Convention to protect the rights of Elderly persons so that Member States would be legally bound to create efficient laws that would discourage Elder abuse, and provide appropriate remedies in those instances where said abuse is found to have occurred; or on the other hand, where such laws exist that are purportedly designed to accomplished the aforementioned objectives, those laws must be amended, adding certain specific provisions, so as to ensure their effectiveness.

This dissertation presents many issues that have, up until this time, hindered the process of new and effective legislation aimed at eradicating the issues that surround abuse of Elderly people. Within the covers of this dissertation, special attention has been given to the significant efforts made on behalf of the United Nations to protect the interests of the Elderly. Further, so as to illustrate legislation that could be created and adopted by other Member States to protect their Elderly population, this dissertation examines the laws that Member States have already promulgated to prevent, detect, investigate, and punish acts of Elder abuse.


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