Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Law (SJD)



First Advisor

Professor Chris Okeke

Second Advisor

Professor Remigius Chibueze

Third Advisor

Professor Benedetta Duramy


It will be ideal here to trace the African history and political development to uncover some of the foundational elements of the major problems confronting Africa. The most conspicuous symptom of Africa's afflictions is its slow development-economically, socially and politically. Moreover, this issue is underscored by Africa's long-enduring platform of compelling concerns: lack of long-term unity and consistent application of agreed policies among member countries and their leaders; high-scale conflicts; environmental problems; corruption and governmental mismanagement. It is my belief that these unresolved matters markedly impede the AU's ability to perform its objectives for a more unified and advanced Africa. This paper explores this thought. The history, cultures, political and economic developments of the member nations that constitute both the AU and the OAS are explored in this chapter as a base for the ideas and observations set forth in the rest of this work. The Chapters 1 will focus on history, culture, politics and economy of countries in both organizations, and comparative analysis of the structures of both organizations. Chapter 2 deals with The Structural Examination of OAS and AU. Chapter 3 will focus on case study of the conflicts in Burundi and Colombia and relevant be dedicated to basic fundamental human rights cases in OAS and AU. Chapter 5 will contain the Conclusion.

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