Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Law (SJD)



First Advisor

Professor Dr. Christian N. Okeke

Second Advisor

Professor Dr. Sophie Clavier

Third Advisor

Professor Dr. Zakia Afrin


This dissertation analyzes whether international trade agreements, to which the Kingdom of Jordan is a party, and its legal framework, along with economic policies, have an impact on Jordan's organization of economic activities, particularly with respect to patterns of international trade. This dissertation further analyzes whether Jordan's commitment and subsequent policies to increase its economic growth are important determinants of its comparative advantage in the region, and researches whether the policies implemented to build international trade actually lead to an efficient, growing, and sustainable economy.

This dissertation takes a close look at all those aspects of economic, financial, and commercial environments that make Jordan an attractive destination for global corporation, while examining resources available, and those sectors of the economy of interest given the level of foreign direct investment. This dissertation further examines Jordan’s future opportunities to capitalize on trade and expand investment opportunities, and analyzes the role of trade in shaping economic development within the Kingdom. Moreover, this work accomplishes what we believe to be the first attempt to pull together any, and all, foregoing research in the above mentioned areas, and compile the same into one useful body of work that economists, legal professionals, politicians, scholars, and students in many disciplines should find useful for these times and far into the future.