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In relation to the Farmer v. Brennan, a case discussed in this blog, it is important to note that triggering language is used in the opinion, as the incorrect pronouns are used to refer to the petitioner throughout.

The use of proper gender pronouns is important to nearly every person in the world. In all cases, proper and preferred gender pronouns are the same. It is respectful and expected to use a person’s preferred pronouns e.g., the proper term for the person. Whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ community or not, the use of proper gender pronouns is only the baseline of respect for another human being. Using preferred gender pronouns is also imperative for anyone because it is important to people’s sense of identity.

Despite this, there are attorneys who still refuse to use preferred pronouns. In briefs, pleadings, and motions, some attorneys have purposely chosen to address trans people with incorrect pronouns as a strategy to intimidate and harass trans people within the court system. This problem affects more people than just the trans community. Non-binary people, whether they identify as part of the trans community or as part of the cis community, are also affected by this problem. To misgender a person is not only demeaning, but extremely disrespectful and offensive.