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Authors: Denis Binder, Colin Crawford, Eileen Gauna, M. Casey Jarman, Alice Kaswan, Bradford C. Mank, Catherine A. O'Neill, Clifford Rechtschaffen, and Robert R.M. Verchick.

Each of the authors reviewed the response of a specific federal agency to Executive Order No. 12898, relying extensively, but not solely, upon the responses to a prepared survey. Professor Binder then summarized and edited the individual responses into this cohesive, comprehensive study with the substantial assistance of the other authors. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance provided by the representatives of the individual agencies in preparing and responding, often at great length, to our inquiries. We further thank Prof. Marc Poirier of Seton Hall Law School for his assistance. The authors, other than Professor Binder, would like to extend their special gratitude to Professor Binder for his skill, hard work, patience, and diplomacy in working with a diverse group of academics on this collaborative project.