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This Article addresses the land-use planning implications of Cuban urban organic agriculture. Part II begins by briefly placing the Cuban urban agricultural experience in an international context, noting that many of the successes, and potential threats to, Cuban urban agriculture share features similar to efforts in other countries both more and less developed than Cuba. In light of this context, Part II will then evaluate the implications of urban agriculture for Cuban land-use planning. To this end, Part II will identify the advantages of urban agriculture for urban living. In addition, Part II will also describe the Cuban effort to formalize what was at first a haphazard effort, and highlight problem areas in the ongoing institutionalization of urban agriculture. Part Ill will examine the formal and informal efforts of Cuban lawyers and planners, primarily working through government agencies, to secure a place for urban agriculture in Cuba's long-term agricultural and land-use planning. Part IV then outlines ideas for domestic and international action that Cuban officials may take as they work to maintain a system of urban agriculture before and after the U.S. embargo.

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