Blockchain in California: A Roadmap

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When the California legislature created the Blockchain Working Group in August 2019, GGULaw’s Professor Benedetto Neitz was one of three appointees with a background in law selected in consultation with the Judicial Council. The 20-member group was required to incorporate multiple disciplines comprised of experts representing the field of law, technology, privacy and consumer rights. The group also included one member each from the State Senate and the State Assembly.

The Working Group was charged with:

• Evaluating blockchain uses, risks, benefits, legal implications, and best practices;

• Defining the term blockchain; and

• Recommending amendments to other statutes that may be impacted by blockchain.

The Working Group met numerous times in 2019 and 2020. Each member authored or co-authored different sections of the report, and was tasked with reviewing all other sections. Professor Benedetto Neitz wrote the sections relating to blockchain's Ethical Considerations, Voting, and the Secretary of State's Archives division. The report was published on July 1, and will serve as a guide for members of the state legislature as they draft blockchain regulation.

The final report is available at https://escholarship.org/uc/item/2j9596dp.