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We are gathered here today as members and alumni of Golden Gate University School of Law, peacefully settled on the shores of the Oriental side of the Pacific Rim, sometimes known as the West coast of the United States. As is generally known, the ocean is named “Pacific” to introduce calmness, or to reduce the degree of calamity of this widest and wildest expanse of salt waters on earth.

I have been specifically asked to tell a story, in my own words, about the thinking of Thailand some fifty years back, facing weather conditions and the unseasonal political storms within the seemingly endless ocean that we in the region have chosen to call “PACIFIC” to avoid any trace of its “stormy” propensity. My primary task is to present to you a meaningful picture of Thailand’s vision and perspective as an indigenous occupant of the Pacific Rim.


Keynote address to the 25th Annual GGU/Fulbright International Legal Symposium.