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The time has come for us in the Northwest region, as well as in the larger Asian Pacific region, to take stock of the progress made up to this point in the various activities and undertakings of States and International Organizations including Non-Governmental Organizations as part and parcel of the world community. It is not the purpose of this brief report to give a detailed comprehensive and analytical survey of all the achievements, of all the activities in progress and the failures and disappointments that we as members of the international community have encountered over the past five years. That enormous and ambitious task could not be undertaken, Jet alone attempted within the given time constraint. An endeavor will be made nonetheless to highlight some of the salient features and to bring to focus a selected summary of areas of continuing progress being made in furtherance of the object and purposes of the United Nations Decade of International Law. Significant achievements, important giant steps, far-reaching constructive measures and major obstacles and challenges will be mentioned together with recommendations wherever warranted for possible improvements if not potential solutions.


Pre-publication article, later published in its final form at: XI Foreign Relations Journal 3 (1996).