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Appropriately enough, the current session is entitled "International Law at the Crossroads". As States are governed by international law, without exception, every precaution should be taken before the next move is to be made for the law to go ahead or forward at this juncture after having carefully looked to the left and to the right. The law could indeed be moving straight forward, continuing on the same path at the same pace it has been taking. Alternatively, it could take a tum, and there are more than one turning, to the left or to the right. Finally, international law could reverse its course, having ventured too far in the direction in which there appears to be poor lighting. The path appears dimmer at the intersection and yonder. Upon entering the crossroads and before crossing the road, one should be ever so careful. This is a time to ponder and a brief moment to pause and reflect on the recent past to be better prepared for the inevitable encounter at this significant and delicate junction ahead.


Speech given at the Regional Conference of the American Society of International Law, the Annual Fulbright Symposium, 12 March 2004.