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Much has been written about the various methods of pacific settlement of disputes specifically mentioned above. But very little literature can be found on "other peaceful means of their own choice." It is the purpose of this modest essay thus to supplement to some extent the missing link by an effort to throw some light on one of the pacific procedures not enumerated in the Charter, but is nonetheless growing in usefulness and popularity over the recent years. The present study will therefore be concentrated upon the procedure of "Good Offices" as a peaceful means of adjusting regional differences. As this paper is being dedicated to a personal friend, it will not be out of order to add a personal touch by making references to two almost unrecorded cases, where the pacific procedure of "good offices" has been utilized. These two cases concern the negotiations between Thailand and Cambodia with the good offices of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and the Good Offices extended by the Government and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand to bring about normalization of relations between Malaysia and Indonesia on the one hand and Malaysia and the Philippines on the other. With both these cases the present reporter has been personally associated.