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Participants in the California Comparative Risk Project were charged with identifying environmental threats of the greatest ecological, human health, and societal concern using the risk ranking model. However, agreeing that risk is not the only factor that should be considered, our project also examined how economics, pollution prevention, environmental justice, education, and public participation contribute to environmental decision-making. The unique inclusion of this aspect in our project was in response to a growing debate nationally and in California about the limitations of a risk-ranking model for setting environmental priorities. The findings and recommendations of the California Comparative Risk Project are presented in the following report. It is a compilation of two and one-half years of work involving nearly 300 volunteers representing a wide diversity of backgrounds including industry, agriculture, community groups, county and state government, universities, and environmental organizations. Our report includes a nontechnical guide for the general reader, and several longer, more technical reports containing recommendations prepared by our working committees. Recommendations to Cal/EPA from the Statewide Community Advisory Committee, the California Comparative Risk Project's primary citizens' advisory body, are also included in this report.


Final Report Submitted to California Environmental Protection Agency by: The California Comparative Risk Project. Also available online at Prof. Alan Ramo was one author among many who contributed to this report.