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Ladie Adriano: “Child Support Enforcement and the Incarcerated Obligor”

Stephanie Huang: “Civil Gideon for Family Law”

Devin Fathi: “Systematic Inequality of the Third Gender”

Gisele Martinez: “California’s Death Penalty and Proposition 66”

Jordan Davis: “Legalize It: Cash Crop or Tool of Economic Oppression”

Harris Emran: “Support Your Local Bondsman; Get Arrested”

Maneesha Birdee: “More Housing Near Public Transit: Relocating the Bay Area’s Poor”

Douglas Blatecky: “Safe Injection Sites in San Francisco”

Minna Fernan: “Criminalization of Homeless People in San Francisco is not the Answer”

John Adams: “When Yesterday’s Choices are Making for Tomorrow’s Bad Decisions: How California may Tackle Poverty with Education”

Katherine Stanford: “A Discriminatory Tool: On the Road to Reforming the Money Bail System”

Tasha Sameem: “The Collateral Consequences of a Conviction; the Need for Greater Access to Dismissals and Enhanced Legislation”

Crystal Mendoza: “Broadening the Promise of Gideon in Civil Deportation Removal Proceedings”

Caitlin Verano: “Why Working Families Deserve a Better Child Care System”

Roxana Araujo: “Low Wage Work: When Enough is not Enough”

Katie Wilde: “The Criminalization of Humanitarianism and Mutual Aid”

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