California Real Estate Finance, Fifth Edition


California Real Estate Finance, Fifth Edition



Roger Bernhardt, Stephen Dyer, and their new co authors, Daniel Bogart and Dan Schechter have fully updated their casebook on California Real Estate Finance in this revised fifth edition. California Real Estate Finance not only takes account of important changes in state and federal substantive and statutory law, but goes further and addresses the controversial and important real estate issues so widely discussed today, including predatory lending and the collapse of the subprime mortgage market.

California law governing real estate is comprehensive and complex, fiercely so in the area of finance. Many California students will practice in this area, and the California Bar Exam does include finance as a subject area. Conventional law school real estate transactions courses often devote only a small fraction of their time to the important peculiarities of California doctrines, such as the one action and antideficiency rules. This book fills a critical need for students attending California law schools who intend to practice here. In order to fully explain the field of finance, the book regularly juxtaposes the rules and results in California with those in other jurisdictions, preparing students to carry their knowledge and newly acquired skills to other jurisdictions as well.



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California Real Estate Finance, Fifth Edition