A Better Class to Class Process to Accompany Flipping

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Talk Summary: My talk focuses on, as a compliment to a flipped classroom, the much needed changes to class-to-class process of the typical law school course. Professors should flip only the foundational instruction for a course’s key topics, focus the class discussion on analysis, and facilitate the students’ development of critical lawyering skills. Students not only will benefit from the flipped classroom but they will continually apply the rules, write more, and better organize the material.

This video is part of a video collection from the Igniting Law Teaching, hosted by LegalED at American University Washington College of Law. Responding to the calls for legal education reform, the conference -- the first of its kind -- created a forum for professors experimenting with cutting edge technologies and techniques in law teaching with the goal of spreading their ideas to the broader community.

The talks were modeled on TEDx Talks, with each speaker on stage alone, giving a well scripted and performed talk about an aspect of law school pedagogy.

The goal of LegalED is to curate a growing collection of short, 10-minute videos on law school-related pedagogy that will inspire innovation and experimentation by law professors to bring more active learning and practical skills training into the law school curriculum.

This videos, and others like it, are available on LegalED, a website developed by a community of law professors interested in using online technologies to facilitate more active, problem-based learning in the classroom, in addition to more assessment and feedback.

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