The IP Law Book Review, vol. 1 #1, June 2010

William T. Gallagher, Golden Gate University School of Law
Chester Chuang, Golden Gate University School of Law


Practitioners and academics working in the field of intellectual property law are innundated with a dizzying array of books dealing with the complex and diverse theoretical, policy-oriented, and practitioner oriented issues which arise in this area of the law. The IP Law Book Review, edited and published by the IPLC at Golden Gate University, offers in depth reviews of new works in the IP field. The reviews are written by recognized authorities from IP academia and practice. Each review offers important and valuable insights into the merits, and weaknesses, of these recently published works. Published twice, and sometimes three times per year, the Review offers readers a means to evaluate and choose the best IP literature available to enhance their understanding of this fascinating field of law.