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On October 10, 2019, the Department of the Navy issued a Draft Addendum to the Five-Year Review ("Draft Addendum for Buildings"), enclosing an Evaluation of Radiological Remedial Goals for Buildings at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard ("HPNS"), and provided a 30-day period for both the public and regulatory agencies to review and comment on the document. This letter, submitted on behalf of Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice ("Greenaction"), contains comments regarding the Navy's Draft Addendum for Buildings. In its Fourth Five-Year Review, the Navy stated that it would issue a Draft Addendum to evaluate the long-term protectiveness of the Remediation Goals for buildings, and would prepare responses to regulatory agency comments and a responsiveness summary to comments from the public. NA VF AC's Final Fourth Five-Year Review at 7-3 (July 2019) (hereafter "Fourth FYR"). We request the Navy to provide a written response to these comments when it finalizes the Draft Addendum for Buildings.