Golden Gate University Law Review


Few issues in California have been more controversial or engendered more passionate public debate than the damage to the state's environment from logging. The almost complete disappearance of the primeval old-growth redwood forests that once blanketed the north coast of California has been the focal point for much of the debate. Since the redwood forests have for the most part remained in private hands, they are subject to regulation by the state of California. And the fate of the redwoods has brought several waves of litigation, ballot initiatives, new regulations and numerous public acquisitions, all designed to preserve these forests from commercial logging. To evaluate the Davis administration's performance in this area, the authors of this article conducted their own research into Governor Davis' election fundraising activities and relied on their own extensive, continuous experience in working with and against the California Department of Forestry ("CDF") and the Board of Forestry ("Board") over the last 10 to 15 years. In addition, this article discusses the results of a number of other investigations conducted by government agencies and non-profit organizations into the effectiveness of California's regulation of logging.

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