Golden Gate University Law Review


Andrew Spett


The Internet, or ARPAnet, was originally developed by the U.S. Defense Department to support military research. As academics were invited to use the system, word of the system's research utility quickly spread. As the popularity of the computer increased, public consumer demand for access to the Internet increased. Consequently, the Internet quickly became a household word, no longer confined to government or academic circles. Currently, the Internet accommodates million users, and the numbers increase daily. In light of the expanse and growing importance of the Internet, this Comment will discuss the history and application of obscenity laws. This Comment will then discuss how obscenity and indecency laws apply to content transmitted over various interactive mediums, particularly the Internet. Finally, this Comment will conclude with recommendations for fashioning legislation that limits access to undesirable material to minors, while maintaining the freedom for consenting adults to access such material.

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