Newspaper Clippings - The Saga of Carter's Dam - #2, April 1958


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The Jesse Carter Collection at Golden Gate University School of Law Library contains many newspaper clippings that represent the jurist’s career. These clippings have been digitized for inclusion in this archive.

Some of the attached files are of poor print quality due to the quality of the originals we have on hand. Some articles have had their columns adjusted to fit on one page. We have added the date and name of the newspaper where it is known. It is likely that all articles were taken from either the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Examiner, or the Marin Independent Journal.

HerbCaen.pdf (49 kB)
Herb Caen Commentary, SF Chronicle, 4/1/1958

JudgeHurtJusticeMoreThanHeHelpedIndividuals.pdf (58 kB)
Editorial: Judge Hurt Justice More Than He Helped Individuals, Independent-Journal, 4/2/1958

JudgesDamInMoreTrouble.pdf (24 kB)
Judge's Dam In More Trouble, SF Chronicle, 4/3/1958

MarinDrainsReservoir.pdf (36 kB)
Marin Drains Reservoir; It Wasn't Easy, 4/7/1958

JudgeLetsThemDrainDamAgain.pdf (44 kB)
Judge Let's Them Drain Dam Again

JudgesDamSiphoned.pdf (67 kB)
Judge's Dam Siphoned With Nary A Scuffle

OutsiderToHearMarinDamCase.pdf (31 kB)
'Outsider' to Hear Marin Dam Case, 4/8/1958

OutsideJudgeToHearCartersDamCase.pdf (45 kB)
Outside Judge to Hear Carter's Dam Case, SF Examiner, 4/8/1958

AmadorJudgeToHearDamArguments.pdf (38 kB)
Amador Judge To Hear Dam Arguments, Independent-Journal, 4/9/1958

CourtsToDecideAboutCarterDam.pdf (35 kB)
Courts To Decide About Carter Dam, Independent-Journal

MarinToTestThatDam.pdf (21 kB)
Marin to Test That Dam, 4/9/1958

ExpertSaysDamLevelMustDrop.pdf (73 kB)
Expert Says Dam Level Must Drop

CountyToTestCarterDamSoil.pdf (25 kB)
County To Test Carter Dam Soil, 4/10/1958

JudgeToursSiteofCartersDam.pdf (60 kB)
Judge Tours Site Of Carter's Dam, 4/14/1958

AllPeaceAtCartersDamUnless.pdf (52 kB)
All Peace At Carter Dam, Unless It Rains, 4/15/1958

AllQuietOnDamFront.pdf (64 kB)
All Quiet On Dam Front, But New Legal Moves Loom

ItsQuietatThatMarinDam.pdf (28 kB)
It's Quiet at That Marin Dam

AllPeaceAtCartersDamUnless.pdf (52 kB)
All Peace At Carter Dam, Unless It Rains

CourtGivesCarterRightToFillPond.pdf (48 kB)
Court Gives Carter Right To Fill Pond, SF Chronicle, 4/15/1958

MarinWillTestPrivateDamLaw.pdf (33 kB)
Marin Will Test Private Dam Law, SF Chronicle, 4/16/1958

CarterFilesSonomaSuitInDamBattle.pdf (31 kB)
Carter Files Sonoma Suit In Dam Battle, 4/19/1958

JusticeCarterFilesNewSuitOnDam.pdf (53 kB)
Justice Carter Files New Suit on Dam, SF Chronicle, 4/19/1958

JudgeAllowsMarinSuitOnCartersDam.pdf (47 kB)
Judge Allows Marin Suit On Carter's Dam, 4/21/1958

SonomaCourtSetsHearingOnDamIssue.pdf (19 kB)
Sonoma Court Sets Hearing On Dam Issue, 4/22/1958

JudgeWinsOnDam.pdf (42 kB)
Judge Wins on Dam, SF Examiner, 4/22/1958

CarterWinsRulingOnHisDam.pdf (28 kB)
Carter Wins Ruling on His Dam

CarterGetsEvenSplitInDamRuling.pdf (36 kB)
Carter Gets Even Split in Dam Ruling, 4/22/1958

MarinDamStirsBattleOfJudges.pdf (223 kB)
Marin Dam Stirs Battle of Judges, 4/22/1958

OaklandJudgeCarterExchangeUnpleasantries.pdf (46 kB)
Oakland Judge, Carter Exchange Unpleasantries, SF Chronicle, 4/23/1958

EBayJudgeCarterTradeAngryNotes.pdf (32 kB)
E. Bay Judge, Carter Trade Angry Notes, 4/23/1958

MarinWantsFrequentCheckOnCartersDam.pdf (18 kB)
Marin Wants Frequent Check On Carter's Dam, SF Chronicle, 4/25/1958

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