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The Jesse Carter Collection at Golden Gate University School of Law Library contains many newspaper clippings that represent the jurist’s career. These clippings have been digitized for inclusion in this archive.

Some of the attached files are of poor print quality due to the quality of the originals we have on hand. Some articles have had their columns adjusted to fit on one page. We have added the date and name of the newspaper where it is known. It is likely that all articles were taken from either the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Examiner, or the Marin Independent Journal.

ChargeOfSpeedingLeveledAtCarter.pdf (40 kB)
Charge Of Speeding Leveled At Carter, 5/10/1958

JudgeCarterNowAccusedOfSpeeding.pdf (62 kB)
Judge Carter Now Accused Of Speeding, 5/10/1958

JusticeCarterNamedInSpeedingCharge.pdf (51 kB)
Justice Carter Named In Speeding Charge, SF Examiner, 5/10/1958

WhoWillProsecuteCarter.pdf (22 kB)
Who Will Prosecute Carter? 6/24/1958

SpecialProsecutorToGetJudgeCarterTrafficCase.pdf (35 kB)
Special Prosecutor To Get Judge Carter Traffic Case, 6/24/1958

CarterCasePostponed.pdf (26 kB)
Carter Case Postponed

CarterWontBeTriedForSpeeding.pdf (30 kB)
Carter Won't Be Tried For Speeding, 9/30/1958

SpeedChargeAgainstCarterThrownOut.pdf (50 kB)
Speed Charge Against Carter Thrown Out

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