Cal Law Trends and Developments


Probably the single most important development of the year came from the Joint Committee for the Revision of the Penal Code. That committee published its Tentative Draft No.1. The draft deals with general principles of liability, defenses, kidnapping and related crimes, sex crimes and arson. Other drafts are expected in the near future. It is hoped that the ultimate result will be a modernization of the Penal Code of 1872, which is badly in need of clarification and revision. Since 1872, there has never been a continuing and coordinated effort to develop a coherent and comprehensive code.

Another important development is the new Journal of California Law Enforcement. The Journal, now in its second year, is published by the California Peace Officers' Association for its members, and contains articles on such problems as "black power," advising minors of their rights, the rights of arrested persons in general, some technical articles, as well as articles designed to improve police administration. Each issue includes a discussion of recent decisions.

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