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This is a joint hearing of three Assembly Committees: Environmental Safety, Agriculture, and Natural Resources. The subject of this joint hearing is the environmental propositions which are placed on the November ballot by citizen initiative, Propositions 128 and 135. The intent of this hearing is to elicit public testimony from the supporters and opponents of these two propositions so that the voters, who will be deciding in November whether they should become law, will have better information on which to make their decision.

Proposition 128, which is sometimes called "Big Green" and sometimes called other things, will enact the Environmental Protection Act of 1990. It includes a broad range of subject areas: pesticide regulation, global warming, ozone protection, timber and reforestation issues, water quality matters, oil spill legislation, and the creation of the Office of the Environmental Advocate. It's an interesting thing to cover so many subjects. It will be very interesting in this hearing to see if it was written well enough to cover all of those subjects in a responsible way.

Proposition 135 is not as broad. It is a rival of Proposition 128 in the pesticide regulation area and in the water quality and the environmental advocate areas. To the extent that these aspects of Proposition 128 affect pesticide regulation, we have sought to keep this hearing as balanced as possible.

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