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WOMEN'S RIGHTS is being distributed to inform Californians about the rights of women as citizens, workers, students, spouses and consumers, and to provide other valuable information related to these rights. This book also talks about crimes of violence against women, and tells where victims can get help. In recent years, and largely as a result of the work, dedication and organization of women and other concerned individuals, the courts and legislatures have taken positive steps to improve and strengthen the equal treatment of women and minorities in our society. This book has been prepared by the Office of the Attorney General as a general summary of women's rights in several important areas, such as employment, education, housing, credit, health care, domestic relations and violent crime. The first Women's Rights Handbook was published by the Attorney General's Office in 1976-77, and expanded by Supplement in 1980. This revised 1983 WOMEN'S RIGHTS contains the most current information on new laws and services that benefit women. Much of the information contained in this book concerns laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, age, and physical handicap, and will be of assistance to all persons concerned about fair and equal treatment in employment, economic transactions, housing, business establishments, and other areas.

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