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California has the nation's largest population and also the largest criminal population. In rising to meet the "challenge of crime in a free society ... California has developed criminal justice and, particularly correctional systems which are ranked among the nation's best. However, the steady stream of incidents from a stunned Marin County Courthouse to a riot-torn East Los Angeles to a grave-filled Sutter County farmyard makes it painfully clear that California is far from having met the challenge. There is a never-ending need to re-evaluate the State's correctional programs to determine how they can more effectively achieve their overall goal.

Reflecting the concern of both public officials and private citizens, Governor Reagan, in his 1970 State of the State Message, announced the present study of California's correctional system by the State Board of Corrections. Noting that there had never been a detailed study of California's fragmented correctional system, the Governor requested the Board to investigate, evaluate, and make recommendations concerning .... jails, camps, juvenile institutions, prisons and systems of probation and parole . In short, he requested the Board to investigate the entire spectrum of corrections, and to formulate a unified and well-planned approach to increase the effectiveness of the entire system.


This is part 1 of a 3-part study on the California Corrections System by the Human Relations Agency of the Board of Corrections.

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