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Part I of this paper will provide a bit of background on blockchain technology, and the Worker Well Being Program (“WWBP”) implemented at Levi Strauss through their Levi Strauss Foundation. Part II will expand on relevant international law related to labor rights, with a particular focus on the UNDHR and the ILO. Part III will analyze the current state of and need for a shift in focus on worker well-being, especially considering the current global pandemic and recurring need for a federal minimum wage that moved beyond just a living wage, which it currently is not, to one that allows for saving and flexibility. This section also includes notes from an interview with Levi’s WWBP’s Director, Ms. Kim Almeida, and her background in labor rights and her experience with structuring the WWBP. Part IV will discuss recommendations for future incorporation of blockchain in the corporate setting, especially to improve factory workers’ well-being. Part V will be a conclusion.


Paper submitted for Blockchain and the Law, taught by Prof. Michele Benedetto Neitz.