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SpaceChain is looking to use an operating system based in blockchain for two purposes: first, it can be used to allow a constellation of satellites to communicate; and second, it can be used to ensure compliance to the rules set for the constellation.27 If a group of satellites launch with a smart contract that states both the purposes of the constellation parts and whole, outcomes can be coded into the satellites for compliance purposes.

SpaceChain is hoping, through the use of this OS, to make an “agnostic” jurisdiction. By this, SpaceChain is looking to not build a traditional jurisdiction, but a series of smart contract requirements that work within and sets the bar for requirements so that all actors work within the framework of any jurisdiction. SpaceChain is hoping to disrupt the current dipole that exists between launching entities, which to some extent mirrors the Cold War Era when the treaties were written, where Europe and the United States lie on one side of the equation, while China and Russia lay on the other side.


Paper submitted for Blockchain and the Law, taught by Prof. Michele Benedetto Neitz.