Annual Survey of International & Comparative Law


The domain of law, and public law in particular, has not been immune to the devastating effects of the sweeping and ongoing social crisis. A comprehensive picture of the state of Yugoslav public law would naturally require a much longer article. Thus, this paper will cover two of the most illustrative aspects in this domain: the crises in the federal order and in the media. Section II contains, as background, a brief outline of the federal arrangement of Yugoslavia; how it was established and its most important features. It also contains basic information about the political context in contemporary Yugoslavia. Section Ill deals with the development of the crisis of Yugoslav federalism. Section IV presents an overview of the current state of lack of freedom of the press. The abuses of the regime have been most flagrant and long-lasting in this area, since resistance to the regime has been highly vocal in the media. The conclusion to this paper updates the events described and attempts to project future developments.