Annual Survey of International & Comparative Law


The essence of the word 'secularism' depends upon a variety of factors existing in a particular state, e.g. the society's composition, political history, and the potential of its minority groups, as well as the prevailing international circumstances. In the matter of secularism and Islam, the world is misinformed and misguided. Most people who engage in these discussions do not have a clear idea of the Islamic way of life. Typically, Islamic scholars must take great steps to prove that Islamic Doctrine contains all types of contemporary social and political thought and action, such as the nature of democracy, social justice, secular society and equality of human being. To resolve the existing confusion on this issue, elaborate study on the coexistence of secularism with the religious values must be addressed. This article will critically analyze the different meanings and conceptions of secularism. This article will also make a comparative study of various legal systems to determine how the word secularism is both directly and indirectly holding true in the modem Islamic world.