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It is a birthday to be proud of - the 100th anniversary of Golden Gate University School of Law. Back in 1901, we began as a YMCA night law school with a noble mission: to provide to working people, for whom the path into the legal profession through full-time study was closed, a way to become lawyers at night. Beginning with a first class of five students a century ago, GGU Law School began to turn out great lawyers and judges who otherwise would never have had the chance to become attorneys.

During the last 100 years, GGU Law School alumni have made their mark upon the legal profession in the Bay Area, throughout California, and in every major city in the country. We have turned out highly regarded, successful lawyers, judges, government officials, and corporate counsel, as well as significant leaders in the world of business, industry, public interest, and commerce. Over the next 100 years, our goal is to win the national and global renown the school deserves.

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